Pradhan: Smt. Manika Datta.

Upa-pradhan: Shri Mihir Mondal.

Nirol is a Gram Panchayat under Ketugram-II Development Block & Panchayat Samity. There are six villages under it, namely Dakshindihi, Roundi, Srirampur, Sirundi, Nirol and Dhandalsa. These six villages are divided into ten gram sansads.

Nirol Gram Panchayat

The total area of the Gram Panchayat is 8.5 sq. kms. The village Pachundi, under Ketugram Gram Panchayat is situated on the east, Khalipur under Murgram Gopalpur Gram Panchayat is situated on the west, Murgram under Murgram Gopalpur Gram Panchayat on the north and Gurpara under Billeswar Gram Panchayat on the South.

The main livelihood of the people is agriculture with almost 70% of the total population engaged in it. Paddy is the main crop and Ishani is the only river which flows through the Gram Panchayat. Attahas, one of the 51 Sati Peethas, is situated in this Gram Panchayat.

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