BEUP scheme of Sekh Sahonawaz Hon'ble MLA-271, Ketugram A.C. for the year 2010-11 (1st & 2nd phase) of 15th B.S.

Sl.No.Name of the SchemeAmount Sanctioned in Rs.Physical Progress
1Construction of passenger shed at Rasui Bus Stop beside PWD road at Rasui under Ketugram-II Panchayat Samity100000.00100%
2Construction of pucca drain from Chand Mondal's house to Dilip Mondal's house at Billeswar under Ketugram-II Panchayat Samity100000.00100%
3Construction of concrete road at Nabagram Daspara from Arun Das's house to Human Das's house at Nabagram GP under Ketugram-II Panchayat Samity251000.00100%
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