Bidhayak Elaka Unnayan Prakalpa (BEUP)

Bidhayak Elaka Unnayan Prakalpa (BEUP) was introduced during the 12th Assembly i.e. in the Financial Year 2000-2001. The basic objective under this Prakalpa is development in nature, based on locally felt needs with an emphasis on creation of durable assets. The schemes should result in community benefits and should not be for the benefit of private institutions or individuals.

BEUP scheme generally covers the following sectors:

  1. Minor Irrigation.
  2. Embankment Protection.
  3. Construction of roads and bridges (including Guard Walls).
  4. Drinking Water facilities.
  5. Health Improvement.
  6. Education (Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary etc.).
  7. Rural Electrification.

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