Member of Parliament Local Area Development (MPLAD)

Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) is a scheme formulated by Government of India on 23 December 1993 that provides that each Member of Parliament (of India) has the choice to suggest to the Head of the District, works to the tune of Rs.5 crore per year, to be taken up in his/her constituency.

Some guidelines for MPLADS:

  1. Projects implemented by government agencies would now be provided 75 per cent of the project cost as the first instalment, while those implemented by non-governmental agencies would be provided 60 per cent.
  2. For smaller projects costing less than Rs.2 lakh, the entire amount would be released at one go.
  3. Construction of roads and bridges (including Guard Walls).
  4. No project costing less than Rs.1 lakh would be sanctioned with exception in the case of essential projects, such as installation of hand pumps, and purchase of computers and their accessories, solar electric lamps, chaupals and equipments.
  5. The basket of works that could be taken up under the scheme had been widened to include projects such as the purchase of books for libraries, and ambulances and hearse vans that would be owned and controlled by district authorities.
  6. The purchase of Microsoft Office software along with the training of two teachers per school would be now allowed as part of an effort to promote computer literacy in the country.
  7. MPs would be allowed to spend up to Rs.10 lakh a year on projects in any State or Union Territory other than the one from where they were elected.
  8. A limit of Rs.50 lakh per annum has been imposed on contributions to trusts and societies so that more money was available for community-related works.

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